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The best instrument for your money.

PostFinance offers young people more: with the PostFinance Youth and Student account, you benefit not only from a simple and attractive range of money-related services, but also from our commitment to music, education and leisure time. There's lots to discover and even more to be gained!

Our current range for young customers

  • Robin Schulz

    Tickets for “The Showcase” with Robin Schulz

    Thanks to PostFinance you can get up close to the DJ star. Tickets aren't available for purchase anywhere - but you can win them here.

    Take part now
  • PostFinance Mobile

    PostFinance Mobile

    Enjoy more freedom, turn your mobile into a PostFinance branch. More information
  • PostFinance credit cards

    PostFinance credit cards

    Secure when travelling and on the Internet. More information
  • All in one account

    All in one account

    The perfect outfit for your money: the Youth/Student account. More information

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5 x "Calvary" Blu-rays to be won

In a confessional, a parishioner talks to Father James about his horrific childhood sexual abuse by a priest. He says he will kill James at the beach the next Sunday, because James is a good man and it would be worse and more disconcerting for the Catholic Church than killing a bad priest; in any case, the offender has already died. James' daughter Fiona comes to visit from London after attempting suicide. She'd felt abandoned by her mother and James: the mother died, then James became a priest. Fiona and James know they love each other, and try to repair their relationship.


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